Youths clean up KR Hospital vicinity

The community service by the Mysore Youth Forum joined by the students of Mysore Medical College and Research Institute has helped clean the precincts of the Krishna Rajendra Hospital. A group of youths including working professionals and students washed the vicinity and painted it as part of their spot-fixing initiative. The initiative is aimed at maintaining hygiene in the vicinity of the hospital so that patients of the government hospital are safer.

Their efforts are fully appreciated by the public, authorities and elected representatives, who are now embarrassed about the work since the group of young brigade has delivered what they could not.

MMCRI dean and KRH medical superintendent Dr Geetha Avadhani told TOI: "It's a gesture of goodwill and these volunteers have set an example to others. When I was crossing the junction on Sunday I saw some people cleaning the premises. I thought civic authorities were at work but I was wrong." The dean, however, said it is the civic body's responsibility to keep the surroundings clean, but students have now shown the way.

Moreover, it was a surprise for deputy mayor M J Ravikumar when he noticed a group of youths at work in his ward (No: 35) on Sunday morning. He stood to attention and saluted the students. Ravikumar said their work is really appreciable. However, he reasoned that he had cleaned up the place twice but people who lack civic sense have spoiled it.

MYF member Nitin Ningaiah said they were approached by an employee Wahab Shariff, who had learnt about their spot-fixing work at the Mission Hospital on Republic Day and also a member of their forum Vaishanavi Patil, a student of MMCRI, had brought it to their notice. Subsequently, the forum decided to clean the K R Hospital vicinity for a safer environment for patients, after a meeting.

They said passers-by and bus travellers used to use a corner of the junction to urinate because the place was not well-maintained. Pedestrians, especially women, felt ill at ease in the area. A few weeks ago, the forum had achieved its first successful spot-fixing near the Mission hospital and this is its second project to create awareness about hygiene.

The MYF team included students - Vaishnavi Patil (MMCRI), Pavan Abhinandan (TTL), Nihal and Chandrika (NIE), Varun (MIT), Namrata (GSSS) and working professionals Keerti Rao, Chinmayi, Soundary, Manju, Karan, Nitin and Kunal Gauraw. They took three hours to clean up the spot beginning 6.30am. Now, students have decided to put up hoardings appealing to the public not to spoil the place again.

Wahab Shariff, who supported the students in their project, said he passes the area every day on his way to work and was feeling bad about the dirty place. It's in the heart of the city. There are many landmarks and many tourists including foreign nationals were passing by this area too. He was pained over it. Today, the students showed others the way to go and their work has put elected representatives including district in-charge minister and officials to shame.

I'm glad because I feel I am doing my bit to society through the forum. My knowledge about painting has come in handy and in creating awareness on keeping the surroundings clean.

The place used to stink and even patients used to feel very uncomfortable. Moreover, it embarrassed women to see people urinating there. I use the stretch regularly. This is my first experience and I have now learnt how to paint too, thanks to the team. I want people to look at society as home and keep the public places clean.

My parents have encouraged me a lot on this score. The condition of the place was pathetic, but we have changed it. I request the public to maintain hygiene and urge youths to take up similar projects for a cause like this