RAF Cleans Up Hospital Premises

The Rapid Action Force (RAF), which earns compliments from the public for swift operations during periods of crisis, attracted the attention of the public on Saturday, by cleaning up the premises of K.R. Hospital.

These 100 RAF personnel who arrived in the city from Coimbatore on July 19, in order to carry out a survey on the social conditions in the district, have already conducted a survey in H.D. Kote, Hunsur and Nanjan-gud taluks, including the city and prepared a review report on the social conditions prevailing here. The RAF in its report has analysed the actions that its personnel would have to take in case of communal violence and other clashes and has also collected information about the type of clashes that may occur in different places across the district.

The personnel who have completed this survey, visited the K.R. Hospital and expressed their willingness to undertake social work. They cleaned up the K.R. Hospital premises after obtaining permission from the Hospital Superintendent Dr. Geetha Avadhani. The RAF personnel cleaned up the heap of garbage collected beside the cycle stand of the Hospital and also paved way for the flow of rain water that used to collect in the premises.

They also cleaned up the park located in the Hospital premises and removed the weeds. The personnel were shown sympathy by the public, for their cleaning of the premises without wearing gloves, old clothes, gumboots etc. Fear of bomb: The citizens of Mysore who are gripped in fear over the serial blasts that took place in Bangalore, anxiously watched the RAF personnel cleaning up the hospital premises, anticipating that they were on the look out for bombs.

The people standing beside the road were heard talking that the military personnel had come here to search for bombs. By this, it can be ascertained that the Bangalore serial blasts have made a serious impact on the minds of the people here also. This cleaning-up operation was carried out under the leadership of Assistant Commandant P.S. Rawat, Second in Command B.A.K. Chourasia, Inspector Devakani and about 90 personnel.