The K.R. Hospital premises witnessed a high drama for some time this morning when the Traffic Police personnel began evicting vehicles parked in the parking lot and abandoned the operation midway. It all started with the Nalla-ppattana Traffic Police personnel rushing to the spot along with Tiger (a vehicle which transports seized vehicles to Police Stations) and began loading the two-wheelers, which were parked there into the Tiger.

The Police personnel had shifted 16 two-wheelers to the premises of Nallappattana Police Station under the supervision of Asst. Sub-Inspector Nagaraju when the operation had to be abandoned as Inspector Ramachandra appeared on the scene. There were about 150 two-wheelers, 20 cars, 8 auto-rickshaws and push carts parked in the parking lot.

The operation was carried out following a complaint from the Hospital Superintendent Dr. Geetha Avadhani that the parking lot was being misused. She had alleged that those travelling to Bangalore and out stations were parking their vehicles illegally and take them after their return late in the night.

The Superintendent argued that the parking lot was meant only for the visitors, relatives of the patients and staff, that too between 7 am and 7 pm. Meanwhile, Babu, who had taken the lot on contract on 18.3.2004 for a period of one year, has moved the court where the case is pending. He has given it on sub-lease to one Raju.

Sub-Inspector Ramachandra, who staged the operation, told the Superintendent that they cannot seize the vehicles, as the owners did not know that it was not meant for others. The contractor had given them the tokens. Moreover, the case was still pending in the Court.