July 2007


More than 35 girl students of Ma-harani's Composite PU College were taken ill yesterday after they partook hot meals and 10 of them were said to be seriously ill.

The 350 students had their lunch at 2.30 pm yesterday and Kavitha, Ashlesha, Sridevi, Sandhya, Parvati, Sumayya, Srilatha, Noor Fathima, Soundarya and Kanchana of VIII standard became seriously ill and other 13 students were admitted to K.R. Hospital for observation.

The students became ill soon after they had their lunch. But as a few of them were having fever for a couple of days, the teachers did not take it seriously.

When some students of VIII standard began vomiting, the Head Mistress Vasanthkumari called K.R. Hospital which sent an ambulance to the college and shifted the students to the hospital.

The students are being examined to find out the reason for their illness, said Hospital Superintendent Dr. Geetha Avadhani.

According to the students, lunch was served late yesterday as the gas was exhausted in the college kitchen. They took ill as they ate in a hurry. There is no separate system for preparing hot meals. The meals are being prepared in the college canteen which is not hygienic.

Anxious parents were seen at the hospital demanding the discharge of their children as they wanted to get treatment elsewhere.


Deputy Commissioner S. Selvakumar yesterday inaugurated the Central Pathology Laboratory at K.R. Hospital, which was constructed recently.

Mysore Medical College Director Dr. D. Venkatesh, who presided, said that the State Government had supplied equipments worth Rs. 1 crore to the laboratory which was constructed at a cost of Rs. 30 lakh.

Auto Analyser and Serum Electrolight Analyser equipments have been added to the laboratory. Bio-chemistry, microbiology and specimen collection centres, which used to function at different buildings will be housed in the new laboratory, he said and added that the investigations for cancer, HIV, AIDS and other diseases can be done at the new laboratory, for which the minimum fees will be collected and they will be free for BPL Card holders.

State Bank of Mysore Deputy Manager J.B. Nataraj, Cheluvamba Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr. B. Krishnamurthy PKTB Sanatorium in-charge Superintendent Dr. Bangaru were the chief guests.

K.R. Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr. Geetha Avadhani welcomed and Dr. Sukraj proposed a vote of thanks.

PWD Engineers Ganesh Ara-likatte and Shivakumar, Electrical Engineers Manjunath and Chikkanna, who expedited the work of the laboratory, were felicitated.


The cold storages at the mortuary of K.R. Hospital in the premises of Mysore Medical College being defunct, the rotting corpses kept are emanating an unbearable stench creating a nauseating ambience all around.

All the six compressors provi-ding refrigeration to the cold stor-ages have stopped working and the concept of preservation of dead bodies has gone haywire.

Everyday, three to four unclai-med dead bodies arrive at the mortuary. Cold storages are essential to preserve the bodies till the claimants identify them. With all the vital equipments for refrigeration lying dead and the stench unbearable, doctors and staff are having a miserable time conducting autopsy.

Out of six cold storages atleast three were functioning till recently, but they too have become defunct worsening the situation. Just a notice is pasted haphazardly on the wall reading Cold storage is not working, please co-operate.

The problem exists over the last few months and the autho-rities never bothered to address the problem.

Lot of hype was created in ob-taining autonomy but the basic infrastructure continue to remain in shambles. The concerned authorities just pass the buck.

Sometime ago, a controversy had erupted involving trading of corpses. As they are rotting now, such illicit trade is also ruled out. It is unfortunate everyone has turned a blind eye towards the mortuary which is as important as the hospital itself.